test_confirm.php testing the class "confirm"

The last test is done with $q->_tryanyway set to true

Most browsers do not understand vbscript. If they are told to display a vbscript msgbox(), nothing will happen. The link will be executed as if no obstacle was there. The $q->_tryanyway flag must be set before the install_confirm() is called. If you klick the following link, maybe the link will open a new page without warning. This is the standard behaviour for non-vbscript browsers being asked to open a vbscript dialog. There may happen other things. Maybe your browser locks up and data is lost. Be warned.

Some browsers like Opera may work in stealth mode and identify themselves as MSIE5. Other procedures may exist to hide the browser identification string.

This should NOT work. Your browser identifies as a "". The expected behaviour is that the new page is opened without any dialog appearing. Please let me know if the vbscript dialog pops up.

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