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Infoboxes for links using $box->link(...);

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Using infobox one can have floating mousetips for nearly every situation one could think of.
Normally, they are used for links: Knopper Net My Classes ezhtml
The images in the boxes are only available via an open internet connection. They are used to demonstrate that any HTML can be used on them.

Infoboxes for other elements using $box->newtip(...);

Maybe you want to highlight some extra piece of text, a input box or an image. This can easily be done.

Simple test form

Please, try this link: InfoBox OFF

Valid HTML 4.01!
Since Infobox is old and out of date and since I do not use it anymore there is no need for YOU to make use of it.

Use the excellent jQuery Javascript Library and the great Cluetip Plugin instead - like I do since summer 2008.