test_confirm.php testing the class "confirm"

Why does this class use VBScript?

If the mouse supports smart move then the mousepointer may be positioned over the default button. Maybe the users finger is not still at all and suddenly the appearing javascript confirm() dialog asking "Do you really want to delete this file??" is confirmed and the data is lost. The user did not even read the dialog.

I generated this class because I recently was this user and do not want this to happen to me or others again. At least with my own programs I shall be save from "thumbfingering". I do not like VBScript very much but JavaScript does not allow to change the default button or the appearance of the Confirm() dialog.
The expected behaviour of your browser is: The Javascript confirm() dialog will be shown. Your browser seems not to support vbscript. Go to the last link on this page to verify this.

Now testing the class for <A>-tags

Standard without using a cssclass: Go to ingoknito.de

Using a cssclass: Go to ingoknito.de

Now testing the class for <input>-buttons

Last Data sent:
(without style)
Last Data sent:
(using style)

The last test is done with $q->_tryanyway set to true

Most browsers do not understand vbscript. If they are told to display a vbscript msgbox(), nothing will happen. The link will be executed as if no obstacle was there. If you own a non-IE >= 4 and a dialog pops up, please let me know. The $q->_tryanyway flag must be set before the install_confirm() is called. If you klick the following link, a new page is opened where $q->_tryanyway is set to true.
Try my Browser with the _tryanyway flag